Thursday, 3 January 2008

James Blunt's racist overtones

James Blunt, full-time ladykiller and part-time tune-killer, is the subject of Metro's 60 Seconds With today, and he comes across as perhaps, ahem, a touch lacking in cultural sensitivity.

When asked what is the weirdest instrument he's played (presumably answering "my freakily unpleasant vocal cords" was not allowed), he answers:

"I've played a weird, stringed turtle thing. It was in a dodgy foreign country."

A "dodgy foreign country", eh? James, it's the 21st century! We don't say things like that any more!

Also kind of gives the impression he can't even remember what country he was in doesn't it? But wherever it was, we bet the musician is regretting lending his instrument to some "dodgy foreign singer" who makes weird sounds that surely can't be construed as "music" by any discerning culture?

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