Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Against all our best hopes, David Gray "is real"

A great 60 Second interview with (shudder) singer-songwriter David Gray in this morning's Metro. Who would've thought that someone could prove themselves such a wanker within a single minute?

David opines, when asked about how he compares to other (shudder) singer-songwriter acts out there: "I've got more gravity. I'm more real. I'm not as saccharine and inane as some of my competitors. When I sing, it's a soulful thing."

We do love it when musicians describe themselves as 'real' — as opposed to what, imaginary? That said, Celebritish has its suspicions that Mika might be the hallucinatory product of a particularly bad collective acid trip...

With a beautiful irony no doubt lost on his good self, David follows those comments with: "It's taken a while to get over the bump of success and I took myself far too seriously." Took, eh, David? Sure you should be using the past tense there?

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Nige said...

Fancy a nodding David Gray for the back of the car?