Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Like father, like daughter

Bianca Gascoigne has proved she's a chip off the old block after being found guilty of causing a crash whilst driving under the influence in Hemel Hempstead.

The reality TV star whose CV includes Love Island and...erm, thats it, was fined £600 and banned from driving for 17 months after crashing into the back of a car and fleeing to a local bar where Police found the poor girl drowning her sorrows.

Explaining the incident to Police in the pub she said: "Yeah babe, I was coming down the hill and a car pulled out in front of me." Then she proceeded to collapse.

Today, as she borrowed her mum's credit card to pay the fine and looked forward to using a chauffeur for the next year or so, people celebrated in the streets, justice has been served once again.

Thanks to our harsh but fair judicial system, noone will be drink driving again in a hurry. Hooray!

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