Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Cowell goes world-class

Ooh, here's a new and exciting idea from the big greedy brain of Mr Simon Cowell: The World's Got Talent . Yes, an international version of the reality show that recent Celebritish star Paul Potts won.

According to Toothshine McHighwaist: "The planet has been crying out for a world talent competition."

Has it Simon? Has it really? The planet might be crying out for a number of things — world peace perhaps, an end to hunger, evil dictators and climate change. What the planet has not been crying out for is a world talent competition. Especially if "the planet" has a long enough memory to recall the horror that was "World Idol", where Will Young disappointed himself and others with a lame-ass performance, but it didn't matter anyway as "the planet" decided that a terrible Kurt Cobain impersonator from Norway or somewhere was, in fact, the idol of the world. Ah, happy memories.

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