Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Chanelle causes a stink

Thats right, the genetic splicing of Chantelle Houghton and Victoria Beckham that calls herself Chanelle Hayes is the latest z-lister to start selling her noxious fumes in a bottle.

Tastefully named 'Mwah', the fragrance promises to be an exhilarating cocktail of desperation and stupidity with notes of arrogance.

Although we're getting used to anybody and everybody getting their own nausea inducing 'fumes out in time for Christmas (the clock is ticking, Kate McCann) the truly depressing fact is that members of the British public will actually buy them. Much as we hate Chanelle, she is merely a catalyst to our countries collapse.

"Mwah" will be available in all good pharmacies (and Superdrug) next week.

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