Thursday, 22 November 2007

Paul Danan swears at children

The Charter Theatre in Preston in all their wisdom signed up "the man with the most terrifying eyes in the World" to appear in their Christmas panto this year.

Ignoring the fact that he can't act and he left his last acting job citing an "ongoing heavy workload" (clearly rapey z-listers are popular these days), Preston council decided to cast him as Jack in Jack And The Beanstalk, appearing alongside such luminaries as Casey-Lee Jolleys (starred in 16 episodes of Corrie according to Wiki) and Paul Crone (not even on Wiki).

Danan was incomprehensibly asked to promote the show by flicking on some Christmas lights and you'd think Paul would be on his best behaviour, after all, acting jobs don't throw themselves at him these days and there will be kids present. He decided the best course of action to win the crowd over would be to shout a swear word and promptly get sacked from the production.

Councillor Ken Hudson:

"We're now looking for a new actor... someone who will wow the audience, but treat them with respect"

If that's what you were after, what on earth were you doing contacting Paul Danan?

Wowing the audience? Respect? This role is made for Richard Blackwood!

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