Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Oh dear oh dear

The Spice Girls' stinking effort at a comeback single has totally bombed , despite being for charidee and all that. Hurrah! we thought, proof that the British public can think for themselves and not be conned by the hype surrounding what all right-thinking people know is A Bad Idea.

Then we read this bit:

"It's being roundly trounced by Shayne Ward."

Dear Lord people, at least some of the money from the Spice Girls record goes to help the poor l'il children in Africa (or somewhere)! There's just no excuse for the Ward one.

However, if ever there was a cue to just give up, being "roundly trounced" by Shayne is it.

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Nige said...

Hey, was this the 100th post? Congrats! It's a grand blog.