Monday, 19 November 2007

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, no wonder the lion is asleep

Celebritish was lucky enough to catch all the "action" from the I'm A Celebrity jungle last night, and noted the following things:

1) There was an amusing moment when Rodney Marsh demanded everyone should "get wood". Lynne Franks then told him it was "absurd" to ask her to get wood. Well, obviously! Celebritish was disappointed to realise that they were in fact conversing about collecting firewood. How dull! It comes to something when the best entertainment a programme can offer up is some inadvertent double entendre (that said, a bit of inadvertent double entendre is one of life's true joys).

2) "J" is fairly fit, but not a patch on Matt "Love God" Willis last year.

3) Celebrities "will do anything for a mini chocolate cup". Admittedly we garnered this information from the unfathomably dreadful Iceland ads that frame the show (Katona we fully understand but Jason Donovan, why?!?!). Still, useful information we think you'll agree.

4) John Burton Race "is a twat" — and that's not (just) our opinion, he admitted it on camera and everything! We'd like to also add that he's an "unbalanced twat", as he was willing to die in a sweaty jeep rather than be the first to get voted off the show. Um, ok...

5) Cerys or Marc to win! They both seem nice.

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