Wednesday, 14 November 2007

The many faces of Celebritish

After being inspired by the Metro this morning we thought we'd do a straw poll in the office and make a male and a female Celebritish Frankenstein of all our favourite celebrity faces. We eventually decided to do it with Photoshop rather than scalpels and string.

The votes were very close but Jordan's bouffant pipped Wino's beehive to the post for hair.
Then Samanda's blinkers narrowly beat Fiona Bruce's leering eyes.
Jodie Marsh's nose is a work of art and noone was going to stand in the way of it.
Finally Judy Finnegan's many chins edged ahead of Heather Mills' shriek-trumpet for the chin and mouth combo.

Then it was on to the men:
Beating Russell Brand by a whisker (arf) was Rhys Ifans' "do".
Even Jonathan Rhys-Meyers' creepy stare couldn't beat Jimmy Carr's dead fish eyes.
There is only one celebrity nose for us and thats Antony Costa from Blue.
Finally Pete Doherty's chiseled jaw and pert lips defeated Phil Collins' little pursed smackers to make it on to our difinitive face of male beauty.

Quite a hottie I think you'll agree.


Richard Havers said...

Genuinely scary!!

Liv. said...

Wow, you've created my perfect man! Seriously very funny me dears, ha ha!