Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Does he really want to hurt you? Um, yes, apparently

We've always rather liked Boy George here at Celebritish, even if he did turn down a request to DJ at a birthday party for an obscenely drunk friend of ours. However, while this was, in our eyes, previously his greatest crime (yes, clearly worse than the cocaine incident), he does appear to have rather topped it with a very evil kidnapping .

Yes, George apparently chained up a rent boy (who denies he is a rent boy) in his London sex dungeon (he has one too! I thought I was the only one!) and convinced him he was going to die by coming at him with a box of sex toys and telling him he'd "get what he deserved".

I don't know, you try to write a lighthearted celebrity blog and find all the stories are about dungeons, perversion, corpses and even more nightmarishly revolting things . Where are the funnies today??

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