Friday, 9 November 2007

John Lydon has a tantrum

"More and more mediocre" he screamed.
No, Johnny wasn't describing his career trajectory over the last three decades, he was in fact attacking the UK for failing to impress him when he tears himself away from California every couple of years to tour the bloated Sex Pistols cash cow once again.

Showing off his punk rock attitude at the carefully choreographed launch of the new "Guitar Hero III" computer game he proceeded to throw a microphone in a journalist's face and proclaim "I'm not moaning. I'm telling you, I'm out of here. You, you fool, you think 'cos I come from here I've got no right to comment 'cos I've gone elsewhere. You are still here and you ain't changed."

Well, quite! He certainly is good value isn't he? He manages to perfectly combine Kevin the Teenager with Steptoe and yet still look more spoilt and curmudgeonly than both of them.

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