Friday, 16 November 2007

Sir Jim'll, we salute you

In an age and a country full of whinging victims, it's good to see an old school celebrity putting a positive spin on a situation that would no doubt make a younger one sell some tedious 'My crime hell' story to the tabs. Yes, Sir Jimmy Saville described getting mugged (and by a girl too) as a 'marvellous' experience.

The chick apparently jumped on Jimmy to nick his high-fashion 'Lennon-style' glasses straight from his head. Sir Jimmy proclaimed that he thoroughly enjoyed the experience as he hasn't been jumped on by a girl for about 50 years (women of England, what is wrong with you?!) He then said if he found the girl he'd buy her a box of chocolates. Now THAT'S a gentleman.

Celebritish is now off to steal Ronnie Corbett's bow tie in the hope of a nice bunch of flowers.

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