Friday, 2 November 2007

Not very sporting

Ooh, these sporty types, they are competitive aren't they? We at Celebritish heartily disapprove of competitiveness, but then we can because we're the best at everything.

Anyway, sports presenter Gabby Logan visited GMTV this morning and had a proper bitchfight with Kate Garraway about Strictly Come Dancing. To be fair, we understand Gabby being narked at getting booted off the show in favour of the far more shite Garraway. It is, after all, meant to be a dancing contest. But Jesus, this woman could moan for England, and it's just not dignified.

In typical bitchfight tactics, Garraway then egged Logan on by dissin' her man Kenny, who's also on the show, saying "He's equally as rubbish as you are". Garraway, that is grammatically incorrect and a supreme case of a person in a glass house throwing a big rock. Here's to the arrogant uncoordinate getting voted off this Saturday!

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