Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Pete: Not dreaming of a brown Christmas with Amy

Pete has been bragging about his new friendship with Wino in the papers again today.

As he arrived with his now trademark black eye for the latest court review of his rehab he confessed he'd been stalking... sorry talking to Amy every day since Blake Fielder Civil was locked away.

He suggested Blake and Amy are now clean – which sounds unlikely but possible – and that "love, music and melody is the way forward.”

Oh Pete, you old romantic, if they really are the way forward, then you, without a lady on the scene and an allergy to melody must be currently going backwards. This would explain your new addiction which seems to be getting filmed by The Sun snorting anything you can get his grubby little hands on.

Asked how his rehabilitation was going as he left the court he said he's "not dreaming of a white or a brown Christmas.”
All we're dreaming of here at Celebritish is one day without a mention of Amy and Pete in the papers. It doesn't seem likely though does it?

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