Tuesday, 20 November 2007

David Gest is a fan of musical theatre

Not only is he a fan of musical theatre but he is starring in a musical based on his life.

We have a particular interest in this story after spotting him at Gilgamesh in Camden recently and seeing what a sad state he's in. He seems to be befriending all the young Camdenites by taking them to the toilet every 10 minutes for some kind of pupil narrowing activities. Admittedly this is rather common in London but we can't see it making a very good musical.

He might be a mess but we still can't help warming to him when he comes out with quotes like this:
"In my wildest imaginations, I never thought I'd be dancing, singing and performing to over 100,000 people throughout the UK - considering I have no real talent, this is quite a feat."

The press release then shifts to fairyland where Michael Jackson (or Gest putting on a Jacko voice?) is quoted as saying:
"We never thought we would see the day David Gest would sing and dance in public. Now he is working on flips and dances with little people. Considering David can't sing and can't dance it will be amazing to see just how nuts he gets on stage!"

Michael Jackson knows all about working with little people so perhaps he'll lend a hand at the Apollo on 20 February next year. It's for charity after all.

ps. He is Celebritish because lives in Britain, so shut up!

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