Friday, 2 November 2007

This Morning with Richard Not Judy

News that iconic telly couple Richard and Judy are quitting their tea time show is no big surprise — but it does raise a truly hideous prospect:

"Judy is set to write books, while Richard, 51, plans to pursue a solo TV career."

Oh God, Madeley, in all seriousness what are you thinking?! Your TV career thus far has been entirely built around your wife's ability to curb your imbecilic behaviour with good grace and a hint of sad embarrassment in her eyes. As your Ali G spoof and myriad other desperately unfunny, unbig, unclever crimes against television have shown, you are not someone who should ever, ever be left to their own devices. Judy, we know you're busy writing your books, but please, you have the power, stop him before it all gets out of hand!

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