Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Cheryl vs. Pete

Cheryl Tweedy-Cole has decided it's been a few too many seconds since she last slagged off a poor unsuspecting celebrity so the gloves are back off and this time poor old Pete is in the firing line:

"Pete Doherty is not a poet. He writes shit. He is a waste of fresh air. Why is he such a genius? Because he went out with Kate Moss?"

Very succinct Chezza, but there are few flaws to your argument.
Firstly, how can a woman who (allegedly) finds words like "jiggerboo" acceptable to use to describe toilet attendants possibly comment on use of the English language?
Secondly, say what you like about Doherty but I think the fact a rat-faced, pot-bellied, spotty, geeky junkie managed to pull a supermodel does indeed prove he is a genius, a misunderstood genius. Go Pete!

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