Friday, 9 November 2007

This does not make us smile

We don't like to berate the BBC here at Celebritish — they get enough of that from everyone else and at the end of the day any broadcaster who shows us Flight Of The Conchords once a week can't be all bad. That said, this sounds like a big pile of poo.

Lily Allen presenting a show based on MySpace. Yes, capturing the zeitgeist there Beeb, it's not like MySpace is last year's news and everyone's moved over to Facebook or anything is it? And as if Allen wasn't already sufficiently surrounded by sycophants, the audience will be entirely comprised of her online "friends".

BBC Three controller Danny Cohen reassures himself in a faintly desperate manner, "She's one of the hottest acts around." Hmm, again, maybe a tad behind the times there Danny — "She's arguably the purveyor of one-and-a-half decent singles in summer-autumn 2006" would be more accurate.

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Anonymous said...

i agree - next they will be telling us the arctic monkeys are the first guest. Made famous by iTunes if I remember rightly, ofcourse actually being able to perform no longer gives you enough kudos to be good - you simply have to be listed anywhere within a "new media" platform to be cool.