Monday, 5 November 2007

"Strictly Come Dancing is a con"

We've been neglecting Strictly Come Dancing here at Celebritish but fear not, we've just realised how wonderful it is and will be keeping our legions of loyal viewers up to date from now on.

Dominic Littlewood (the aptly named day-time TV property "expert") was voted out on Sunday and has been blathering on about vote rigging and favouritism.

He says he was "quite happy to go..I didn't want to stay on in that circus".

Ignoring the fact that a man of his stature would be much more successful in a circus (perhaps as "The World's Smallest Living Man") he's coming across as extremely bitter. He was the worst dancer on the night and he was as unanimously voted off by members of the public and the judges.

On the judges: “Out of those four there’s only one who talks sense and that’s Len Goodman."

That would be Len Goodman, the only one to be polite about Dominic's impersonations of a miniature dancing bear.

“With the other three, I believe they watch dress rehearsals and they decide their vote there and then... which makes it a bit of a farce.”

Yes Dom, basing your vote on more than one performance is clearly a farce.

Then he loses is completely: "If anyone should have been voted off, it should have been Craig.”

Hear hear! If there was any justice on Strictly Come Dancing a judge would be voted off rather than a shit dancer.


Nige said...

You are so right about 'Dom' - why was this odious little troll allowed on a wholesome family show? Heads must roll. Or perhaps we can just satisfy ourselves with his tiny little bonce... Very fine blog you have here, if I may say so.

Celebritish said...

Why thankyou, and straight back atcha Nige!