Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Oh, for Pete's sake...

We've already covered the fact that Pete Doherty is minging, but this morning it emerges that he's also mourning.

No, his cat hasn't died of the long-awaited crack overdose, what he's mourning is, um, his heroin habit. See, Pete, most people who manage to kick a debilitating and quite possibly deadly habit such as yours at least have the decency to be proud of themselves for managing it. We just knew the clean, sensible, go-getting Doherty wasn't going to last.

Pete went on to say that he fully expects to be arrested again, commenting: 'The chances of me not getting arrested again once in the next 18 months are quite slim really — the way the Old Bill are.'

Funny, but we at Celebritish have managed to pass every 18 month period of our lives thus far entirely arrest-free (we'll gloss-over the teen shoplifting incidents...) The way we manage this remarkable feat is by not mooching around town with our ill-tailored pockets full to bursting with Class A narcs. Give it a try, Pete old chum.

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