Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Heather: face of rat's milk

Hardcore harridan Heather Mills has been spouting off at Hyde Park Speakers' Corner (well, at least that's a location at which you're supposed to do that sort of thing, so a happy, if most likely coincidental, union of location and mouth almighty).

What we don't quite get (Heather? Irrational arguments? Surely not!) is that she seems to be demanding the whole world goes vegan, at the same time as celebrating the superior qualities of rat's milk over the more standard cow's-udder version.

Which beggars the really obvious question: in what way is rat's milk any more vegan than cow's milk? It also beggars the really obvious response: ewwww!

And Viva, any charity using a celeb with such an, ahem, 'difficult' reputation, needs to sort its PR department out pronto.

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