Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Heather goes GAY

Not that we rely on Neil Sean for anything but inducing a mild bout of nausea whenever we set eyes on him, but this snippet from his Metro column makes for intriguing reading: apparently Heather Mills wants to appear at G-A-Y, where she hopes to become a gay icon.

"Gay men love a strong woman, and I think I fit the bill", she intoned in her annoying Geordie whine. Well, Heather, a strong woman perhaps, but a talentless, moaning, psychotic, humourless, compulsively dishonest one? Perhaps not. It's quite patronising of her to think that gay men are somehow not in possession of the critical faculties that lead the rest of the UK's population to dislike her so.

Still, we can't help feeling a grim fascination about the woman — which is why we're looking forward to reading this. 'Unsinkable' in that if you dunked her Medieval witch hunt-style in a stream she'd float? We'd place money on it.

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