Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Dermot deserts a sinking ship

Little Dermot O'Leary has announced he's to quit as the host of Big Brother's Little Brother. Which must be rather bad news for BB producers, as Dermot was undoubtedly the strongest talent attached to the show this year (that's saying something, true, but to be fair he is pretty good at BBLB and we can't think of any obvious candidates to take his place).

We totally understand why he's left though — whenever Celebritish might be feeling our lives are a touch monotonous, we think of Dermot and thank God we don't have to spend what appears to be about a third of every year these days pretending, in an enthusiastic fashion, to give a toss about a charmless bunch of fucktards, who get progressively, inexorably worse year on year. That said, we wouldn't mind the pay packet, obviously... Ah sod it, Channel 4, pick us!! We love the show!

PS: He's a rootin' tootin' Romeo! Not many people know this, but our picture proves that Dermot actually formed Celebritish favourites Steps before deserting them to forge a career in television. Bad move, Derm!

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