Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Walliams makes excuses for poor excuse for comedy

Oh David Walliams, much as we think you can cut a dashing figure on the London party circuit and look fairly handsome in a nice suit, you and Matt Lucas are responsible for some heinous crimes against comedy. So stop pretending otherwise.

In an interview with the Radio Times, Dave has blamed the hype around Little Britain for its waning popularity.

He says: 'We'd have been happy to have been less successful. We were hyped, and that means you have an in-built shelf life.'

No David, having a sum total of three fairly unfunny jokes ensures you have a built-in shelf life. Still, we agree with you on the first point — we'd certainly have been happy if you'd been less successful too, and we hadn't had our eyes and ears assaulted by the horrid naff dolls, birthday cards etc that have contributed to yours and Lucas's sickening wealth. Ah well, it's all over now eh, what with your shelf life and all that. Hoorah!

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