Thursday, 8 November 2007

Simon Cowell is attractive and bigger than Brad Pitt

Simon Cowell seems to be on the media offensive this week due to his group Futureproof being voted out of X Factor and his only remaining hope being Hope (sub-Pussycat Dolls tripe). What better way to have your ego massaged than to get pop singers to heap praise upon you?

First Leona Lewis said she found him attractive:
“Simon’s great. I get that people find him attractive, it’s probably the power thing. He’s got a lot of power, so I can see it."
She does concede that it was probably because of his power and the fact he's pulling the strings in her career would make her weary of calling him a scrotum-faced loser wouldn't it.

Now Westlife have said that Simon is bigger than Brad Pitt (and they're not talking about his man-boobs):
“Simon is bigger than Brad Pitt in America. We met up with him in the States a couple of years ago but we couldn’t get near him because he was so busy signing autographs."

Tomorrow: God claims Simon Cowell is "better than Jesus".

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