Tuesday, 13 November 2007

I'm A Celeb - Day 1

We're reserving our judgment on IACGMOOH for the time being after the first night was a bit lame.

There was a slight twist as the celebs were split into two teams, the Crocs and the Snakes.

The Crocs (featuring Cerys Matthews, John Burton Race, Marc Bannerman, Rodney Marsh and a haggard-looking Anna Ryder-Richardson) proved a tedious bunch as they bonded over a bungee jump and settled down in their camp. They might as well have been singing Ging Gang Goolie for all we cared.

The Snakes - one man down after Malcolm's last minute exit - were much more fun even with Gemma Atkinson and J from Five holding them back. Janice Dickinson (and the rest of the world) quickly took a dislike to Lynne Franks and they spent the first day bickering, culminating in Janice threatening to cut off Lynne's breasts and eat them. The shy, retiring Dickinson then went on to tell us that she knows how to gut a bear which sounded plausible until you saw her faced with a tank full of fairly friendly looking eels and pathetically squealing "I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!"

In other news Katie Hopkin's will be entering the jungle tonight, so assuming she's joining The Snakes, they will remain the only team worth watching.

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