Wednesday, 14 November 2007

See, Robbie, there's no need to be such a spoilsport

Oh thank goodness — Celebritish is pleased and relieved to report that Ronan Keating will be joining Stephen, Mikey, Shane... um... Kian... um... oh no that's Westlife isn't it... — well, he's joining four other Irish men on the Boyzone reunion tour! We had our fears that the tour might be a rather dull affair, but with Wildman Ronan on board it'll really kick off.

OK, we're joking, but still, Ronan rejoining is a good example to Robbie Williams, showing that there's no harm in celebrating the band who made you famous in the first place, and actually refusing to do so makes you look like an arse and sends your career off onto the skids. But we're guessing Rob's probably worked that one out, as he sits drinking his 60 cups of Espresso a day in his LA mansion, all alone... It's an unbearably sad image, really, so let's move on, and rejoice in Ronan's simple, untortured little soul.

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