Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Meyers: doesn't touch a drop

Jonathan Rhys Meyers' appearances in the Daily Mail and the Metro were somewhat contradictory this morning. In a 60 Seconds interview, Johnny claimed: "I don't touch alcohol any more, under any circumstances."

In the Daily Mail, however, he was pictured clutching a can of super-strength cider at 10am. Hardcore. Still, his mum has just died so it's all very sad, and Celebritish extend our sympathies for what they're worth.

However, the true shock news is that Jonathan also opined in the Metro piece: "Orlando Bloom, as a movie star, is very hard to beat. I'd go to see an Orlando film, no problem."

Dear God, the man's problems clearly extend way beyond the odd spot of alcoholism. Nurse!


Liv. said...

I'd put up with cider breath if it was attached to that gorgeous, gorgeous face.

Celebritish said...

Liv, you are so on the money with that comment. Frankly, if he'd just eaten a plate of poo I probably still would...