Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Lily Who?

After the bizarre revelation last week that Lily Allen was to present a TV show about Myspace, this morning the BBC have confirmed their utter insanity by revealing they are considering Lily for the role of the assistant in Doctor Who.

Apart from the fact there is no real evidence that Lily can act (or sing for that matter) a source reveals that both sides are very excited about the possibility.

“Billie used Dr Who for her transition from music to acting. We think Lily can emulate that."

What the source is forgetting here is that Billie trained in LA, and was cast in various acting roles before she was considered for the role of Rose.

With David Tennant also leaving after this series the source goes on to speculate about other actors in line for the main role:

“With Lily and someone younger and edgier in the lead role it could open up the show to a new, trendier crowd. Rhys Ifans has been linked with the role."

Rhys bloody Ifans? We love him but the only thing on Doctor Who he is "younger and edgier" than is the tardis.

Although Dr Who will be unbearable to watch with Lily we are looking forward to Rhys bringing a touch of "Withnail" to proceedings.

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Liv. said...

WTF?! I will actually explode if this happens.