Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Celeb finds dead body

A bit of a weird one this — one of those strange cases where a glossy celeb collides with the dark and depressing underbelly of non-celeb life. Amanda Holden (oh, you remember, married to Les Dennis til she went over the side with Neil Morrissey, one of the rare examples of Morrissey actually being a trade-up), has found a dead body. She was jogging by Richmond canal when she came across the corpse, a man who had apparently hung himself.

Now this is pretty grim, and we at Celebritish, mollycoddled wimps that we are, would certainly be quite freaked out and upset if we came across such a sad and nasty thing. "Poor Amanda," we thought momentarily. Until we realised that this story is getting her recently little-seen face splashed all over the tabloids, complete with interview about her sadness and horror. We're not saying her PR company killed the guy or anything, but milking such a tale to raise her profile does seem a wee bit tasteless...

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