Thursday, 29 November 2007

Christopher Simpson: Celebritish Hottie Of The Week!

In a new regular feature (well as regular as either of us spotting a famous-ish person who tickles our fancy), we present to you the Celebritish Hottie of the Week — actor Christopher Simpson!

Celebritish (well one of us, guess which) went to see Brick Lane last night. We thought it was very good (note to fellow writers: please don't plagiarise this eloquent and detailed review), and we were particularly impressed by Christopher, who plays the really hot one the main character has an affair with.

You might remember him from Channel 4 drama White Teeth, where he played the really hot one, or Channel 4 drama Second Generation, where he played the really hot one. He is soon to be seen playing the really hot one in something else, probably.

Interesting fact!: Despite playing Asian roles, Christopher is in fact the product of an Irish father and a Greek-Rwandan mother. Nice work, guys!


Anonymous said...

I'm watching 'Brickm lane' right now and I have to say he is so sexy.I had to rewind the love scenes like 5 times.We really need to see more of this guy.

Ren x

bulu said...

oh man chris is so hot! ever since i saw the trailer i jus knew i wanted to watch the movie right away coz of this guy here

the most beautiful creature on earth .. hes gorgeous omggg i love u chris!