Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Keira Knightley is just a moody bastard - official

Keira is sulking about the press in an interview with the press yet again:

'What I hate is that they shove in your face: this is what you want to be. And you think, f*** that, I don't want it. Stop telling me I want to look like her. Stop telling me I want that life. I don't.''

If I was a filmstar I'd be far too busy snorting coke and having orgies to worry about what Neil Sean has to say about me but perhaps she enjoys reading about herself a little more than she lets on, it seems she spends half her life doing so.

"If I want an opinion, I'll read the opinion part of the newspaper. I do not want it when I'm trying to get the facts. I get incredibly angry. It really f***s me off."

We at Celebritish, like Keira, will only read the Daily Sport but we think perhaps if she's after facts she should cancel her subscription and invest in a broadsheet where she can get some facts and less opinion. She might also learn that the world doesn't actually revolve around her and if she just shut up people might stop writing about her.

Then in a rare moment of clarity she realises:

"I'm a moody bastard."

Finally, something we can all agree on.

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