Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Haha, Bono, you LOSE!

Okay, a bit of a lighthearted headline for what is essentially a story about death and destruction, but man, we really hate that Bono Vox.

And, according to a press release sent to Celebritish towers, so do the African people he's trying to help or be worshipped by, we can't make out which.

Jobs Selasi, founder of African AIDS Action, has released a statement saying Bono 'n' Bob Geldof are "crippling Africa", and that celebrity campaigners serve only to "increase corruption and dependency". His words, our thoughts, nice one Jobs.

So, celebrities, stick to what you're good at. Polticians don't attempt pop careers (with the possible exception of Boris Johnson if recent reports are to be believed), so don't think that just because people (inexplicably) like your songs, this somehow makes you an authority on anything other than being able to rhyme words like "mole", "hole" and "soul" (yes, really, in Elevation — maybe this charidee work is his way of repenting for sins against the English language).

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