Friday, 23 November 2007

Winehouse, you evil bitch!

It emerges today that not only is Amy Wino a druggy, boozy, shouty wench with disastrous taste in men. No, she's also a murderer of small animals. A "friend" has claimed that she might have dosed his beloved hamster with a fatal amount of crack.

Nice one Amy, clearly taking further lifestyle hints and tips from Doherty, who has been seen passing his cat the crackpipe on occasion. It's not big, it's not clever, and even Celebritish, sick puppies that we are, would dispute that it's funny.

Got us thinking though, how outraged animal-lover (and human-exploiter) Heather Mills would be though. As we know, she prefers to suck milk from rodents' teats, and we're sure she wouldn't want supplies contaminated with narcotics. We'd really love to see Amy and Heather having a fight, and any story that increases the likelihood of this momentous and terrifying event is not all bad.

That said, RIP Georgie Porgie the hamster :-(

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