Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Mika: Boyzone are too cheesy

Proving he is blind to himself Mika has slammed the Irish girly-men for being "too cheesy" to release one of his "songs".

He decided to sell a a tune – which was presumably so bad that even he was ashamed of it – and the highest bid came from Ronan and the boys. Once recorded, the source (perhaps getting a bit carried away here) says it was "a certain number 1".

We're sure he was getting confused as all Boyzone songs are number 2 but the fact that Mika then backtracked and denied them the song only goes to reinforce our view that he is an arrogant wanker. He has built his career on singing falsetto with a comedy backing track and yet he thinks he's somehow above other pop acts.

The one saving grace is that Mika has lost £250,000 due to his snobby decision. Boyzone's comeback is looking more appealing by the day. Welcome back boys!

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