Tuesday, 27 November 2007

"Edgy media hangout"... "Phil Collins"... bad times!

Dear Lord, this really is a corker. Phil Collins and fellow Genesis member Mike Rutherford are launching an "edgy" members' club for the media. Well, obviously Genesis' entire musical output does demonstrate that they are cool-as-fuck, finger-on-the-pulse guys, so this HAS to be a success right? It's aiming to rival Soho House, which is itself a vomit-inducing wank-fest extraordinaire. So actually, Collins might be just the man...

Doesn't it seem that so many slebs and plebs are opening members' clubs in our fair capital lately that there's absolutely nothing exclusive about them any more anyway, even if you are someone who cares about that sort of thing? Celebritish would never join any club that would have us as members anyway. And we DEFINITELY wouldn't join any club that would have Phil Collins as a member.

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