Friday, 16 November 2007

There's life in the old girl yet

Actress Jane Seymour has been pissing her neighbours off with her constant noisy part-ays. The Dr Quinn Medicine Woman star has been putting La Moss and Davinia Taylor to shame with her 24-hour antics, and (harsh words these), locals wish that Robbie Williams, a prevous occupant, was back in the gaff instead.

Apparently, Robbie was 'more considerate' as a neighbour. This is reported as if it's somehow surprising, but come on, to have a party you have to have friends, right? So Robbie was NEVER going to be a problem.

Still, respect to Jane for partying so hard in the face of such opposition. Celebritish also aim to be the oldest swingers in town when we reach her venerable age.

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